Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Redesign Was Needed

True to their word, my friends Mark & Gary showed up in Mark's Diesel work truck to assess and possibly begin the process of installing the four 300 watt solar panels to the roof of my Stealth Cargo Trailer home.

My Stealth Tiny Home (on the right)
 Upon further assessment the three of us jumped in Mark's truck and made our way to the local Lowe's and then Home Depot to purchase eight ten foot lengths of aluminum "L" shaped channel for around $160.

We also stopped at Starbucks for some much needed liquid energy in the form of caffeinated coffee and tea.

Gary is Marking the Aluminum for Cutting
One solar panel sitting on a pair saw horses

When we returned Gary got up on the roof and determined how to best install the solar panels. After cutting the aluminum to the desired length and drilling holes for the bolts and lock washers, I was asked by Gary how I had planned on wiring the panels. 

I stated that I designed the system to be series-parallel wired where each set would be wired in series to double the voltage then the two sets would be wired in parallel to double the amperage yielding an array that would be putting out 92.4 volts @ 17.12 amps or 1581.888 watts maximum.

All he really wanted to know was how I was going to wire up the panels if they were already fastened to the roof making the wiring inaccessible. That is when we decided to postpone the duration of the wiring until after I were to obtain the photo voltaic cable, a crimper and additional MC4 connectors.

As soon as the crimp tool, wire and connectors show up, we will complete the installation of the solar panels with the wiring in place.

I look forward to completing this installation and I really appreciate Mark and Gary's commitment and expertise in this install.