Thursday, July 29, 2010

Insulating the ceiling

It was late and I was up.. I couldn't sleep, so I began the task of insulating the ceiling and got finished the next day.

I cut insulation to fit all around the newly installed vents.

I cut insulation to fit between all of the ceiling slats and even put some behind the door springs. I was on a roll and covered the whole ceiling with insulation in less than 4 hours...

The next task ... Put up the Luan board as my new ceiling, then finish off the trim for the vents...

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Installing the vents

The vents needed to be installed before we continued with insulating the ceiling. Here you can see that the roof is being cut to allow for the two vents.

The vents were both installed with the hinged part towards the front so if the vents were left open while driving, the passing wind would not break off the vent doors.

I got Ventline brand vents with fans on eBay for $41 ea shipped.

The vents are low profile and work great!

Damn.. I'm impressed! So far, everything is looking great!

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Insulating the rear door

My friend and I removed the 3/4 plywood from back ramp door and filled the spaces with foam insulation like we did with the walls. Later that day we swapped the 3/4 plywood from the rear door of the cargo trailer for 2 sheets of 3/8 plywood at another buddy's house and installed the 3/8 plywood on the ramp door.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Installing the door lock

On Saturday July 10th I purchased 5 sheets of super thin board at Lowe's for insulating the ceiling. I spent about $65 on the wood.

My friend installed the door lock in the side door.

After the door lock was installed my friend and I went to the small engine repair place in town and dropped off a small broken generator for servicing. The guy behind the counter said that the maximum charge for fixing it would be $80 but would probably be less than that. He said it will be ready in about a week.

When I got online I purchased 50 ft of 12v cool white LED rope light on eBay for around $110.

I also offered $450 for two used 8D deep cycle AGM batteries to a guy in Oregon through eBay's email system.

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Insulating the walls

It took us about five hours to complete three walls of insulation.
We insulated the walls with the foam board that my friend gave me for this project.

Later in the day I went to Lowe's Home Improvement store and purchased a door lock and a tube of clear silicone for around $20.

When I got a chance to go online again, I purchased two 14 x14 Ventline brand RV roof vents on ebay for $36 ea plus shipping [$85]. I use another friends address as my physical address so I can receive eBay shipments.

I have full size pictures of the events as they unfold that I plan on putting up as soon as I find a decent slide show program to use.

These pictures complete the three walls. next up is installing the door lock and insulating the ramp door.

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The Arrival

I went and picked up the cargo trailer on Thursday July 8th. I brought my friend with me cause I know that he has more experience with trailers than I do and he wanted to go. We picked up my futon bed frame at storage on the way home and then I cleaned out the back of the pickup and loaded the stuff into the trailer.

My friend told me that he had some 3/4 foam insulation boards in his attic that he would give me and we could install them in my trailer between the wood paneling and the sidewalls to make the overall trailer more comfortable.
Here are some pictures of when I first got the trailer!

mmmmm.. Top Ramen & A case of water, and L00K....a portable lamp.. cool!

Yup.. that's my suitcase, my laptop and my futon...
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Beginning...

I set out to create the perfect stealth living environment. My plan included a relatively large cargo trailer as a starting point because after it's purchase, I wouldn't be able to change things if I found it to be too small. I drew up a few sets of plans but settled on a step by step approach because the whole project could be slightly overwhelming.

 This is the layout that my friend and I decided on for the internal build out.