Friday, July 16, 2010

The Arrival

I went and picked up the cargo trailer on Thursday July 8th. I brought my friend with me cause I know that he has more experience with trailers than I do and he wanted to go. We picked up my futon bed frame at storage on the way home and then I cleaned out the back of the pickup and loaded the stuff into the trailer.

My friend told me that he had some 3/4 foam insulation boards in his attic that he would give me and we could install them in my trailer between the wood paneling and the sidewalls to make the overall trailer more comfortable.
Here are some pictures of when I first got the trailer!

mmmmm.. Top Ramen & A case of water, and L00K....a portable lamp.. cool!

Yup.. that's my suitcase, my laptop and my futon...
Click HERE to see a slide show of the photos from this post.