Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Starting the kitchenette..

Now that the Console/Desk area is partially done, I could move on to the Kitchenette area and begin building the basic layout.

I designed the Kitchenette area to accommodate the three plastic drawer organizer things that I got at Walmart. I have alot of three drawer organizers but the white ones seem to be made with less materials.

I created spaces that will allow for the use of any three drawer organizer that fits within the specification of the two types that I have right now.

I wanted to use the Kings Cooker burner that my friend gave me and
I wanted it to be nearest to the door.
 The burner uses propane to cook, and I wanted plenty of ventilation in that area.

I also wanted that same area to double as an area that would hold a second type of stove if I needed it.

I'm happy with the outcome of the Kitchenette area for now... there's lots more to do....

Click HERE to see a slide show of the photos from this post.