Sunday, October 3, 2010

Building the Upper Shelf on the Kitchenette

I have been dragging my feet on the uploading of the pics and on the progress I have made.

After creating the basic kitchenette area, I began framing an upper shelf that would be accessible from right in front of the work surface area.

The top work surface area pivots up exposing two wash bins where dishes and utensils will be located.

I attached the wooden work surface to the top of the kitchenette with a very large black hinge.

That black hinge used to be the one on the final part of the ramp in the rear of the cargo trailer.

Jerry and I removed the hinge a long time ago and I just found a new use for a piece of it...yayyyy

The lower right picture shows the finished upper shelf, for now...

[At some point I'll be putting doors on all of the cabinets]

Click HERE to see a slide show of the photos from this post.