Sunday, October 3, 2010

LED Rope Lighting...

I ordered $100 worth of LED rope lighting from eBay a long time ago when I first got the trailer. At first I was going to wire the whole trailer with one big long rope but then I decided that smaller and more dedicated lengths would be a better choice.

LED Rope lighting is dim compared to CFL or Incandescent lighting but it saves lots of energy and money, especially when the electrical system is provided by a battery bank.

I didn't bother ordering the dojiggers that they say you need to put the pieces of LED lighting ropes together. One of my skills is soldering in the Sound Electrician trade of the Motion Picture industry so I felt quite confident that I could skip those expensive items.
It looks like I'm going to have to order some more LED Rope Lights because I'm out and I'm nowhere near being done.

I have already used 50 feet in various lengths all over this trailer.

The Console area has LED rope lighting above it and below it. The Kitchenette area has LED rope lighting in the upper cabinet and over the work surface area & the new Battery Bank / Kitchenette Extension / Storage Shelves area has LED rope lighting in some of the storage areas. [coming in a future post]

You'd think I'd be getting sick of creating this living monstrosity but I'm not! I'm having a lot of fun building out this cargo trailer on a daily basis!

Click HERE to see a slide show of the photos from this post.