Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom / Shower area & Kitchen Shelving

Here are some pictures of the bathroom shower area when I first framed it. I connected the right side 2x2 frame to the over bed storage shelving. The left frame had to be joined to the wall and floor. I used the super thin Luann board for the walls.
In the top left picture you can see a small part of my futon bed on the right under the overhead shelves. The bottom right picture shows the almost completed shower area. Each area requires certain processes to be finalized before moving on to the next phase.

Directly across from the shower area is the recessed battery area where I have decided to put more shelving that will accommodate my RV fridge [someday when I have the funds to buy one] and a bunch more tote containers to store tools, food and clothing.

You can see the two AGM batteries poking up a bit from their partially recessed location. I built shelving directly above those batteries for my future fridge, food storage area, and totes with additional items in them.

The shelves in this area will be removable because if I should need to change out the AGM batteries or make changes to the wiring of them, I'm going to need a lot of space to work.