Monday, January 30, 2012

I Guess I Was Wrong

Well, I guess I was wrong, I have done lots of additional things to my stealth cargo trailer. I guess I didn't think much was done because I've been primarily busy with college. I just looked in the pictures folder and to my surprise, there are tons of potential posts to make based all of the small projects I have accomplished over the past year.

Here are some additional pics of the console right after I built it. The finished surface is 3/8 plywood on the 2 x 2 skeleton frame.

I ordered green marble stick on flooring to use as the counter top surface and for the studio area floor.

I wired a lot of LED rope light to the underside of the console. Being a former motion picture studios electrician, I have spent many days contorted into small spaces with inadequate lighting to do my work. I wanted lots of light to be available if I should need to spend any kind of time under the console in the future.

This console area is going to become the main area that I spend most of my time when inside my home, so I want to engineer it to fulfill many different uses.

Basically, this spot is my office and studio rolled into one. My intent is to fit the office equipment and the studio computer and equipment into this area in a very workable configuration.