Sunday, January 29, 2012

A whole year...

A whole year has gone by and I haven't done any blogging... I haven't done that much additional stuff to the cargo trailer but what I have done has been very helpful. I have continued to take lots of pictures and document everything I do, but I have dragged my ass on posting it to the blog. Why? because I'm a full time college student now and I have been mega-busy with classes. But there's more... I have been genuinely not interested in updating the blog because I got used to not doing it. Yeah, I know that's a lame excuse but at least I'm being honest.

So.. Anyway,

I decided today that maybe I should get some new posts up and motivate myself to continue posting my progress. I'm currently listening to high energy trance music and I'm in that kind of hyper busy mood to get back on track. I Love trance music!!!

Right after my last post in 2010, I purchased a brand new Thetford PortaPotty... I was driving to fast food restaurants and using the occasional tree, but that was getting frustrating. I believed that the new PortaPotty would make life in a stealth cargo trailer far more acceptable.

I was right, the PortaPotty is a necessity, and I can say that the past years use of it has been a wonderful treat in comparison to the previous method. It's well made, easy to clean and empty out, and it works very well! It's a welcome addition to my living space.