Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Closet Design's

The first closet design was to be the last, but that didn't really work out because of space constraints. Here are some pictures of my first closet design. 
 The Closet bar is nice and level but I was a bit concerned about the fact that the closet rod sits parallel to the side of the trailer which means that when clothes are hung up on the rod and I'm driving down the road with the trailer in tow, the clothes are going to get all bunched up near the shelving every time I hit the brakes.

My fix for this dilemma was to change the orientation of the closet rod and make two of them instead of one. Here are some pictures of the re-designed closet.

I believe that this new orientation of the closet rods will help with the low space requirements and still provide efficient area for hanging my shirts.