Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wiring the Batteries and Charger

A few posts ago I mentioned the kitchen cabinets I was building for Food Storage and additional items.  I also mentioned that those particular shelves would be removable.  I created removable shelves because I knew that the batteries would need to be wired to the electrical system and to the battery charger.

I also knew that I would have to drill a hole in the floor and install a 50 AMP plug which would also be wired to the electrical system.  Here are some pictures of the other end of the 50 AMP plug after I pulled it into the closet area of the cargo trailer.

I purchased a brand new IOTA 50 amp RV AGM battery charger.  My friend Shane O. who has kindly loaned me his Milwaukee circular saw and Dewalt 18 Volt battery drill, happens to know a person who works for an RV Manufacturing Company, and he got me the IOTA at wholesale pricing.

Another friend of mine named Shane F.  Helped me out by loaning me a pair of heavy duty crimpers, and a pair of heavy duty cable shears.  Shane also gave me the necessary lengths of 1/0 & 2/0 copper wire.  There is no way I could have accomplished the process of wiring up the batteries this quickly without the help of both of my friends Shane F. & Shane O.  Thanks guys!

There are some pictures of the wiring of the battery charger, the batteries, and the connection to the outside.  There are also pictures of the many tools and materials I used to accomplish the task.