Monday, February 13, 2012

Wall Mounting the Monitors

When I purchased the new monitor I mentioned that I wanted to mount all of the monitors using wall mount fixtures when I had the money to buy them.  I have decided that the time has come to do just that.

I purchased one central wall mount fixture for the 27 inch wide screen monitor and two extended arm style wall mounts for the two 19 inch 4:3 monitors.

There are some pictures of the installation of the monitors to the wall mount fixtures.

The lower left picture shows the monitors on some makeshift stands that I fabricated quickly to use to determine a good mounting height for the monitors.

You can see that I am removing the stand for the 27" monitor to get it out of the way.

I have attached the monitor hanging brackets and begun leveling the back plate on the front facing wall.

I have now mounted the center monitor. The two side monitors will be fitted to match the top edge of the center monitor.

You can see that I have laid out the arm style mount and removed the stand from one of the 19" monitors.

Leveling is always important when installing any piece of equipment.

I have now mounted the left monitor and have transcribed the measurements to the right monitor to make that installation much easier.

I want to keep the monitor cabling looking neat and professional. This is a part of what I used to do for a living as a union sound electrician in the motion picture industry.

Here are two shots of the console area with the monitors all wired up and ready for use.